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"A final, parting paradox (but certainly not the final one): although haunted by instability, [Nina] Beier’s art continually seeks to remind us how mediated art is, not just in terms of how it is presented, its context, etc., but on a more fundamental level, which is to say that it is less the offspring of a pure, creative impulse than the product of learned and established rules, implicit taboos, and prohibitions. Along
these lines, if the self is ever lost in her work, it is not through any kind of ecstatic and unbridled expression, but rather through a mastery so consummate that it is effaced in the process. This text then, and others like it, could likewise be seen as a form of mediation, a way to read the work, or even a set of rules. Yet as we all know, rules are made to be broken, and Beier not only has a knack, but I would even go so far as to say talent for breaking them.”  Chris Sharp from some book of texts on Nina Beier

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